Plateau Set Up Special Courts To Handle Corruption Cases

The Plateau State Judiciary has designated two High Court judges to hear and speedily dispose of all corruption cases in the state.

This follows the directives of the Chief Justice of Nigeria that special courts be established for hearing and speedy determination of corruption and financial crime cases.

The Chief Registrar in the Plateau State Judiciary, Geoffrey Kamyal states that the judges have been exposed to local and international training and will handle the cases alongside other cases before their courts with special attention on corruption cases.

The two High Court judges, Justice Christine Dabup and Justice Daniel Longji have been designated to handle cases relating to corruption and financial crime as the judiciary steps into full throttle in the fight against corruption.

In the quest to ensure that corruption cases are not swept under the carpet, the Plateau State governor at the swearing in of the acting chief judge directed full compliance of the directives for the special courts as the state join the league of anti-corruption campaigners.

With the establishment of special courts to attend to corruption and financial crime cases in Plateau state, all is now set for speedy dispensation of such cases that are pending in various courts.  


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