On this day in 2015, Gyang Nyam Shom Pwajok died of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

On this day in 2015, Gyang Nyam Shom Pwajok, a Nigerian politician who was a member of the People’s Democratic Party and the youngest Senator in the 7th Assembly, from 2012 to 2015, died of Hepatocellular Carcinoma otherwise known as liver cancer.
Pwajok’s death sent cold shivers down the spines of many Nigerians as only a few months earlier he was the People’s Democratic Party Candidate in the April 11 2015 gubernatorial election in Plateau State.
Born on     the     15th  day    of      March,        1966,         in      Jos    Plateau State,          Gyang Nyam       Shom,         Pwajok,     popularly   referred      to as  “G.N.S”          based on     his initials, lived a        greater        part   of his childhood in the cosmopolitan City of Jos. He attended    the     Jos    Township  Primary      School,          (1972-1977),      Saint Murumba College,      Jos    (1977                1982),          the    School        of      Preliminary         Studies,      Keffi; (1982-1984),     the           Ahmadu     Bello University, Zaria (1984-1987)       and    the     Post Graduate          School        of      the     University  of      Jos,   where         he      earned        a          Master of   Science      Degree       in      Political     Economy   and          Development                Studies       in 1991      at       the     age    of      24.    His          special        interest       in      Research    and Development         enhanced his          creative      and    active         involvement        in      multi-ethnic Non-Governmental     platforms   with  programmes        and    projects      designed     to facilitate     peaceful     coexistence          in      significant  parts  of      Nigeria.          From his National         Youth         Service       (NYSC)     in      Imo   State          (1987-1988)       he      taught Government      and    History       at       Zang          Secondary  Commercial        School,       Bukuru (1989-1993).  He     was          engaged      as      a        Lecturer     with  the     Department         of General Studies,      of      the     Plateau       State Polytechnic,        and    became       Head of          Citizenship Education  Unit, Secretary    of      the     Departmental      Research          Committee as      well  as      Editor         of      Pla-Poly     Newsletter.
          The   Department   of      Political Science, University  of Jos found  him   worthy of appointment and    engaged him        in          2003 to      serve as      Lecturer     thus   providing   him  the     opportunity          to teach      Public        Enterprise Management,       Political     Economy,          Public Administration, the     Politics      of      the     World         Economy,          Theories     of      Rural Development      amongst     others         at       both          under-graduate    and    Post  graduate     levels,        where         he          distinguished       himself       as      a        promising  scholar.     
He     was   elected        as      the     National     Social         and    Cultural Secretary          of      the     Berom Youth      Movement in      1994 and subsequently,          Public        Relations   Officer of   the     National Youth Council        of          Nigeria,      Plateau State       Chapter     where         he pioneered        the     publication of      the     Youth Scope        Magazine   as Editor-in-Chief from 1996 – 1998.
As     a        young         man,  God  exalted       him   to      an      even  greater honour. While         serving       as      lecturer, Governor        Jang, his political         mentor          appointed him     to      the     office         of      Director General,         Political, Research    and    Planning     in 2007.     He actively participated         in      the          Transition  Committee and subsequently served as Secretary of the Committee that produced the Four Year Strategic Development Plan, soon after   the     Jonah          Jang administration was        inaugurated         in      2007.
His    astute         political     skills,         objective    presentations,      global perspective, high level analytical thinking and high social and technical competence led to his appointment as Chief   of      Staff, Government        House        in      2011,          testifying    to the fact that he had established himself as one of the key stakeholders in the struggle for the building of a just         society        and    a          leading       figure         in the struggle      for social   change        especially          amongst     the     youth in      Plateau State.      Always       ready to      defend          the     state at various national        and    International        fora,  he      took  the          Plateau story to   the     shores         of      the     United States of America       at          Capitol Hill, Washington DC where        he      made a        presentation         on          the     Kaleidoscope     of Conflict and    the     stark  realities      of      the challenges  of conflict  to      a        gathering    of      senior         members    of the          US government. He     also   made a        presentation         at the United Nations Headquarters on the Jos Crises.
While carrying out his duties as chief of staff the unfortunate death of a sitting senator representing         Plateau       North senatorial zone  created       a        vacuum      that required immediate filling     considering          the     emerging    challenges  in the zone. GNS Pwajok       received     the     nod   from elders and stakeholders in the          land   to      fill     the     void. A       man   of      destiny, Distinguished  Senator Gyang Nyam Shom      Pwajok       was sworn  into   office         on the 16th of October 2012 after a landslide victory in the bye election. 
While at the Senate, he was   appointed   to      committees          on Health,  Solid          Minerals,    Cooperation        and    Integration, NEPAD, and       Aviation. He was also     appointed Vice Chairman      of the          senate         committee on Marine Transport in recognition of his outstanding performance in the senate in such a short time.
He participated vigorously in senate debates, speaking on the floor of the Red Chambers just     two   days  after  his     swearing in and    has    presented bills and motions      on     the     floor of the Senate, including the Motion         on     the          Killings      and    attacks        in the middle        belt region of      the     country.
Senator       GNS Pwajok’s    impressive past   experience  in policy     development,          political     participation and governance as      well  as      his     unquestionable          political     pedigree     and exceptional   intellectual capacity      led     to      his          declaration of intent     to      contest       for,    and    subsequent emergence  as the PDP flag        bearer         and    candidate    for     the governorship of Plateau State in the ill-fated 2015 general elections.    His Greater Together    slogan        has   in recent times evolved into a movement for unity and positive change, and the pivot for generational shift          and    progress     of      Plateau       State.
GNS Pwajok died at 48, two years ago today.

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