On this day in 2005 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was electedPresident of Liberia and became the first woman to be President of an African country

On this day in 2005, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was electedPresident of Liberia and became the first woman to be President of an African country.

The 2005 Liberian general election was held on 11 October 2005, with a runoff election for the presidency held in November of that year.

The presidency, as well as all seats in the House of Representatives and Senatewere up for election.

The election marked the end of the political transition following Liberia‘s second civil war and had been stipulated in the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2003.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a former World Bankemployee and Liberian finance minister, won the presidential contest ahead of former African, European and World Footballer of the year, George Opong Weah.

The election was the first held since the 1997 general election which saw the election of Charles Taylorand his National Patriotic Party into government.

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