Global hunger continues to rise with Africa worst hit – UN report

The population of hungry people is rising across the world, a UN report has shown, with more than a quarter of them in Africa.
Out of the 821 million people who faced shortage of food in 2017, 257 million were found in the continent.
A new report on the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World released on Tuesday showed that world hunger rose in 2017 for the third consecutive year, fuelled by conflict and climate change.
According to the report, hunger is worsening in South America and most regions of Africa as one in nine people went hungry in 2017.
the UN warnedThe steady rise in number is fast jeopardising the global goal to end hunger and malnutrition by 2030.
According to the report co-authored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and UN partner agencies (IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO), limited progress has been made in addressing the multiple forms of malnutrition, putting the health of hundreds of millions of people at risk.
The study noted that hunger has been on the rise over the past three years returning to levels from a decade ago. Based on happening in the country, Nigeria contributes to this high figure.
Nigeria has the highest prevalence rate of stunted under-five children in sub-Saharan Africa, with about 17. 2 million children affected.
The 2016/2017 Multiple Indicator Cluster survey for Nigeria showed that 59 percent of the under-five children in the North-west are stunted, followed by the North-east with 52 percent and North-central with 35 percent.
The report called for implementing and scaling up interventions aimed at guaranteeing access to nutritious foods and breaking the inter-generational cycle of malnutrition.

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