Alleged Exam Malpractice: Atiku tackles Buhari.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has expressed deep anger over the police summon to the Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidate in Osun State, saying the development was worrisome because it had traits of a fascist government.

Abubakar said it was unfortunate that Ademola Adeleke was being trailed by the police when federal agencies aided Nigeria’s former finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, to depart Nigeria over the weekend despite having admitted to criminal forgery of her youth service scheme certificate.

Abubakar also criticised President Muhammadu Buhari, saying it was rather ironic that the police were after Adeleke when in fact Nigeria’s foremost examination body, WAEC, had certified his certificate as genuine; unlike Buhari who hired over a dozen senior lawyers to defend him in court rather than clarify issues around his school certificate.

Abubakar did not mention Buhari by name, but the president’s high school certificate was a major issue during the 2015 elections. The president was also reported to have queued up to 13 senior lawyers to extricate him of certificate forgery charges in 2016. One of the numerous lawsuits seeking judicial clarification on the president’s WAEC certificate was later abruptly withdrawn without explanation by the litigant.

The president strongly denies all allegations of forgery or non-participation in high school leaving examination.

The police summoned Adeleke for arraignment on Wednesday, barely three days to a gubernatorial election.

The police accused Adeleke of examination malpractices, saying he had several accomplices most of whom had been declared persons of interest and are expected to also turn themselves in for trial.

There are media reports that the president had ordered Inspector-General Ibrahim Idris to suspend its summon to Adeleke until after the election.

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