3rd February, 2019.


It has become imperative to issue this statement considering the political oppression and the extension of tyrannical leadership on the Plateau by Governor Lalong.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Plateau State Chapter condemns in the strongest terms the way and manner Plateau people have been subjected to oppression and injustice by Governor Lalong.

The people of the State woke up Saturday morning to hear with shock the shut down of the popular and people friendly radio station, Jay FM, in the state by the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission.

Our findings reveal that the closure was on the instruction of Plateau State government, which has become very uncomfortable with the courageous posture of the station.

This act of barefaced impunity and intolerance for what is right and beneficial by the Lalong administration only goes to show their level of desperation, inching towards March 9.

We are aware that Governor Lalong who wants to forcefully imposed himself on the people of Plateau beyond May 2019 has penciled down another radio station for similar victimization.

In the same vain, we are aware some personalities within the PDP family have been marked for arrest on trumped charges before the Saturday, March 9 elections.

Fact is that the people of Plateau State have long since decided and resolved to change this incompetent administration of Governor Lalong who has chosen to betray the land and its people.

It is no longer news that Plateau people overwhelmingly voted for the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the February 23,2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections.

Following this great victory, it has become clear that the losing APC, knowing that its governorship and State Assembly candidates stand little or no chance of winning at the polls next week, is becoming increasingly vicious.

Haven lost out in the last elections conducted in the State, they are now exhibiting their well- known character traits of ruthlessness and recklessness as a party led by tyrant and dictator, with reactionary policies, which are aimed at suppressing the people.

We call on Plateau people to rise up against injustice and oppression. We call on our people to stand in defense of our State.

We want Governor Lalong to note that this use of extensive suppression against the people cannot go on indefinitely, and that he would be called upon to account for his actions soon.

Meanwhile, we call on Plateau people to come out enmasse and vote Senator Jeremiah Timbut Useni and our candidates to the State House of Assembly on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

It is evident that the living condition of our people under APC government is already extremely difficult and worsening steadily. We cannot afford to continue in this direction.

Finally, we appeal to Plateau people to remain steadfast and resolute in their resolve to vote vote out the forces of oppression.


John Telpark Akans ksm, fcia

State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Plateau State.

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