Judith Audu’s ‘The Fourth Side’ wins 3 awards in one week

Judith Audu-Foght’s short film, ‘The Fourth Side,’ has won three awards from two different movie award ceremonies.

‘The Fourth Side’ won two awards at the recently concluded Best Of Nollywood awards and another one at the NELAS AWARDS 2019 in the UK.

The short film won the award for the ‘Best Short Film’ at the 2019 NELAS awards and went on to win the same category at 2019 Best Of Nollywood Awards.

The wins were taken a notch higher when Ates Brown won the Most promising female act for her role in ‘The Fourth Side’, which was directed by Uyoyou Adia.

In 2018, Uyoyou Adia completed work on her first short film as a director, ‘The Fourth Side,’ under the tutelage of Judith Audu.

‘The Fourth Side’ features Nollywood acts that include Omowunmi Dada, Tunbosun Aiyedehin, Judith Audu, Oruaro Adia, and Ates Brown.

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