Amnesty Int’l Demands Release of Report Into Alleged Armed Forces Abuses

Amnesty International on Monday called on the Nigerian government to immediately publish the report submitted by a presidential panel which investigated alleged human rights violations by the Nigerian armed forces.
The seven-member judicial commission was raised in August 2007 by then-Acting President Yemi Osinbajo while President Muhammadu Buhari was on a lengthy vacation for an undisclosed ailment in London.
The panel, led by Biobele Georgewill of the Court of Appeal, submitted its report in February 2018, but nothing has been heard from the Buhari administration on the matter ever since, a situation which Amnesty and other foremost rights group find disturbing.
At the time the panel was set up, the military was facing numerous allegations of gruesome rights abuses, including the Zaria massacre of over 300 Shiite protesters in 2015, the extra-judicial killing of dozens of pro-Biafra protesters in the South-east and the crude treatment of Boko Haram suspects in the North-east.
The military has always maintained its personnel were professional and complied with extant rules of engagement, and also regularly set up own panels to probe some claims. Such panels frequently cleared it of any wrongdoing.

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