I’m in a relationship but we don’t get intimate – ‘Toyo baby’

Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode, has taken to social media to speak about her relationship life and how serious she takes her sexual purity. In a recent Instagram live chat with Instagram user @kingpexxie, she opened up on her belief in sexual purity and the need for young girls to also practice abstinence until marriage. Olayode popularly known as Toyosi in the hit series, Jenifa, revealed she is in a relationship and even though she is no longer a virgin, she revealed her and her partner do not engage in sex.  “Whenever I tell people that I am in a relationship but we don’t have sex, they are like ” you don’t have sex? what are you even doing there”. Like people think it is impossible to be in a relationship leading to marriage and not have sex” she said. The video which has since gone viral, left many social media users buzzing with mixed reactions. While some were of the opinion that she was lying, others believed if she wasn’t sleeping with her boyfriend then he was definitely cheating on her. There were some who believed that she should have kept such personal details to herself.

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