NCDC says Face shields without masks, not effective in preventing COVID-19

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, has warned Nigerians that the use of face shields without an additional layer of face masks is not effective in Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention.

The agency in a public advisory said while the use of face masks has been advised by the World Health Organisation following increasing transmission of COVID-19, many people have resulted in using face shields in its stead.

WHO had earlier provided a recommendation for the wearing of face masks by the general public especially in places where there is ongoing spread of the virus.

The agency said the usage of the face mask alone is not enough to curtail transmission of the virus. Other means such as physical distancing and frequent handwashing have been advocated to keep people safe from contracting the virus.

While discouraging the use of only face shields, NCDC said there is currently no guidance provided by WHO or other relevant public health authorities that recommends the use of face shields in non-healthcare settings to prevent COVID-19.

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