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COVID-19: How Nigerian Citizens Can Access Accurate Information

Written by on April 24, 2021

As part of the #TogetherAgainstCorona program by Search for Common Ground (Search) the world’s leading peacebuilding agency with funding from the European Union. The Conflict Analyst at Search shared on how to Stay Safe and Informed on Social Media and how the EU – Supported toll-free line has helped to curb misinformation.

Joy Baiye said, “the tendency of so much information flying around the social media platform on a virus that scientist are still trying to fully understand and proffer lasting solutions, if not properly managed you can become misinformed”

Since social media is now one of the fastest communication platforms, it’s important to pay attention to ensure authenticity. For the past eight months, Ms. Baiye has been tracking and countering misinformation and according to her, people tend to flow more with wrong unverified information.

To curb this she advised that, the original source of the information and other trusted sources should be verified. Since, rumors and unsubstantiated information can run rife during health emergencies. It’s important we don’t add to our own and others’ stress by sharing false information.

Only post information you have verified. Once it’s online, it’s no longer under your control. You deserve to be in a safe and healthy relationship, whether in person or online. follow credible sources of information and the right people.

The Search toll free line provides callers with accurate information on how to prevent the spread of the virus, how to treat symptoms and when and where to seek medical care, and how to access the right information on the vaccine.

“Accurate and timely information save lives and foster peace.

SFCGNigeria COVID-19 Toll-free line – have helped several Nigerian citizens with the right information”, she said.

Ms. Baiye said “the call center operates 24/7, and most inquiries are around how to get vaccinated, the side effect of the vaccines, how to get tested for COVID-19, how to access timely information, and the use of local herbs to cure the virus.

The toll-free line is 080022557324, trained Search staff are always available to provide accurate information and also share the right sources of information on the virus

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