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JayFm Commentary: How Long Shall Nigerians Continue to Suffer Because of Fuel Scarcity and High Cost of the Products?

Written by on July 18, 2022

That is the question we are asking in today’s news Commentary as brought to you by the News and Current Affairs Department of Jay  FM

In  Plateau state,the issue of fuel scarcity and it’s attendant hardship on the socio economic lives of the people  appear to have become a permanent feature in the state .

A visit to many filling stations in the city of Jos and other local communities will reveal the non availability of the product while a few that have the product , sell between N180 and N220 per liter  above the official price of N165.

Findings also  show that the situation in Plateau state is not different from what  obtains in most states across the country ..

The implications of the current ugly situation on the socio economic lives of the people are so many .

Apart from the many man hours that   are lost at work in trying to get the fuel, many organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to operate at full capacity without electricity,while many others have been forced to adjust their opening and closing hours ,thereby decreasing their rate of productivity .

Not only that ,the cost of production by companies and organizations have increased so much that they have increased the prices of their products and services including transportation .

According to the independent petroleum marketers association ,the official price for fuel, diesel has become unrealistic because the products are all imported and Nigeria is heavily dependent on imports because the refineries are not working.

While there may be some other factors responsible for the present scarcity and high cost, many have  blamed the situation mainly  on  years of mismanagement of the country’s abundant resources which unfortunately is not improving.

No matter the explanation that may be offered to justify the unacceptable situation,what is obvious is that  Nigerians are finding it difficult to understand why the present situation should be allowed to continue years after years without solution .

It’s a shame that despite being an oil-producing country ,Nigeria’s  refineries are not working and the country  have to rely so much on the importation of oil products at exorbitant prices which has affected not only vehicular movements and flights but many others operations that depend on fuel and diesel, especially power generation.

It is believed that If Nigeria’s  refineries have been properly managed over the years and money allocated for enhancing the facilities in the sector properly utilized and not embezzled, the citizens should not have found ourselves in a situation where fuel scarcity has become frequent with no indication that the situation will get better.

The issue of fuel subsidy has become a channel for siphoning so much money from government coffers by those profiting from it at the detriment of the people

Reports have it that the refineries, located in Warri, Port-Harcourt and Kaduna, processed no crude because of the rehabilitation works being carried out on them.

However ,It is disheartening that despite not processing crude oil in June this year, the  refineries in the country still cost N10.23 billion in expenses, according to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Nigeria ,definitely cannot continue this way with the crippling effect of fuel scarcity and high cost of product availability .

The government must live up to it’s responsibility and  save the people from the present economic hardship by doing  what is necessary to ensure Nigeria’s  refineries bounce back to work and  have the capacity to generate a sizeable amount of fuel and other product requirements considering the huge  amount being spent on them.

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