#JayFmPodcast: Let’s Talk, 11th November 2020

On the programme #LetsTalk with Zoe Machunga, 9am

Topic: The Role of Health workers in Combating COVID-19 and towards attaining Universal Health Coverage by 2023 in the midst of Eminent Second wave of COVID -19

1.Mrs. Grace Langnap (Jos University Teaching Hospital)

  1. Mrs. Mercy Lenka ( NANNM Chairman JUTHNANNM) National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives.
  2. Dr. Solomon Chollom
    (Med Lab Scientist / Virologist)


How do you react to the news of people coming into the country and refusing to take a second test, what do you think are the the implications?

For anyone found flouting covid 19 regulations, what do you suggest as a deterrent or punishment?

Is corona virus real to you?

What questions and concerns do you have ?

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