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Melanin Minus: Addressing Albinos’ Needs

Written by on June 21, 2021

An albino rights advocate, Fatimah Salahdeen-Omoyele, has launched a book aimed at addressing the needs of albinos.

Titled ‘Melanin Minus (A mother’s account of raising a child with albinism)’, Mrs Salahdeen-Omoyele said the book tells her story of raising her albino child in a community openly adverse to disability.

Speaking during the event at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building, Ikeja, Lagos, she described the book as an eye-opener for parents of albinos and the society at large to understand the albino child.

“The book, like the title describes, is a story about what I have seen and what I discovered raising my albino child. It’s a memoir talking about when I discovered that my baby was an albino, how we found the things we didn’t know and what would help him to thrive as an albino child.

“The general hostility to having a child that is considered different is shocking. It debunks a number of the myths that are associated with albinos majorly.”

Fatima noted several things she wants parents of albino children to know.
She said: “I want them to become aware of the fact that there’s no harm if you have an albino child; you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is ensure that the child is protected from the sun.

The Chief Imam, Lagos State House of Assembly, AbdulLateef AbdulHakeem reasoned that the book will assist the public to change their perspective about albinism and understand that they are children who have great potentials and should not be treated as second class citizens

“We are in a class conscious society, we have people’s consciousness of their class. It will save a lot of children with albinism from discrimination. They should know that the colour of their skin hasn’t done anything different from what society expects so members of the family and society should treat them with love and compassion and allow them to grow in life. At the same time, the specific things they need to live with that will alleviate their challenges, this book has done a lot on that”.

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