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More Than A Movement; This is Revolution

Written by on March 25, 2023

When Peter Obi expressed his intention to run for presidency under an unknown party, many political bigwigs and analysts laughed at his naivety. How does an unknown ex-governor run under a party with no structure? How does he expect to win a state when his new party, after he’d unceremoniously left the opposition party, guarantee him any win in any state? A party with no member in the house of reps or senate? A party with no governor? How does he want to hoodwink himself to victory?

These questions and their deriding remarks were logical.

The Labour Party was an unknown party, one where its leaders only collected monthly dues but were not expecting to win any election. When you saw the Labour Party in a ballot paper in the past, you did not bother to look twice before passing it. Who was there to vote for?

So, these analyses were right: Peter Obi, a political neophyte in the presidential game compared to veterans like Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar, was going to flop badly.

While others laughed at his lofty ambition, others placed bets on social media on his inability to win two states.

The just-concluded presidential election where the Labour Party had over 6 million votes across the country showed that the political neophyte was not a neophyte at all and that politics isn’t so much about age, experience or political parties but about sellable ideologies.

The OBEDIENT movement is not just a movement for an electioneering process; it is a revolution, one brewing with unfettered fire and passion for a better Nigeria.

The just-concluded elections in Plateau State and Abia state, where citizens danced and sang on the streets after the winners were announced showed that the OBEDIENT movement transcends political affiliation, it is a revolution to take back our country from the hands of corrupt, selfish politicians.

In Plateau State, Barrister Caleb Mutfwang of the PDP won, while in Abia, Alex Otti of the LP won. These two victories, although from different parties, is a testament to how much the people’s will, if obeyed at the polls, can drive real joy.

Although election and governance is a process and not an event, it will be foolhardy for elected politicians in these states – Abia and Plateau, to act however they want to act.

The Obedient Revolution demands good governance, transparency and accountability. The movement requires that elected officials are upright in their dealings and that any step contrary to what the people want will be met with strong resistance.

The youths are no longer waiting on the fringes, waiting for another four years; they are ready to call the bluffs of any politician who dares to toy with their mandate and treat the people they’re to serve like slaves.

When you see youths, without political affiliations, sleep overnight at collation centres, as it was in Plateau State; when young people stay all night waiting on INEC to announce election results, as it was in Abia State, you best believe that these same youths won’t rest on their butt waiting for the status quo to happen.

The revolution is being televised, and political heads must be aware that we, the young people of Nigeria, are watching keenly what they do. We will demand accountability from them at every step of the way. We won’t stop asking them to do right.

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