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NADCEL 2023: Nigerian Army Holds Talk on National Peace and Unity with Command Students in Jos

Written by on July 3, 2023

The news: Following his appointment as the chief of army staff, Major General T.A Lagbaja says he intends to leverage the Nigeria Army as an instrument of national unity, integration and national development. 

In line with this vision, the military organised a public speaking event at Command Secondary School, Jos on Monday (July 3, 2023) with about 250 students, both male and female, to learn how to drive the vision, this was in commemoration of the Nigeria Army Day (NADCEL) 2023. 

What happened: A 20 Minute video clip was played to show the history of the Nigerian Army. From the documentary, the history of the Nigerian Army is rooted in the colonial era. In 1863, the British established the Royal Niger Company Constabulary to protect their economic interests in the region. Over time, this force evolved, and in 1900, it became the West Africa Frontier Force, which played a crucial role in various expeditions and campaigns during World War I.

In 1960, Nigeria gained independence, and the Nigerian Army was officially established. It rapidly grew in size and capability, primarily to address internal security challenges and to contribute to regional peacekeeping efforts. Over the years, the Nigerian Army has been involved in numerous conflicts, including the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970), peacekeeping missions in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and counterinsurgency operations against Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria.

The Nigerian Army has undergone several transformations, embracing modernization efforts and enhancing its professionalism. It continues to play a vital role in safeguarding Nigeria’s sovereignty, maintaining peace, and supporting national development. Today, the Nigerian Army is an important institution in the country’s history, embodying bravery, sacrifice, and dedication to the nation’s defence.

Reactions: The Event featured questions and answers from serving Corp members and students present with immediate responses from CT Nwali of the Nigerian Army Education Corps, who said that the lecture is a kind of public enlightenment campaign to showcase the image of the Nigerian Army as an instrument of National Unity and National Integration. 

With the questions asked by most of the students indicates how many of them are already nursing the idea of joining the military in the nearest future. On this public speaking engagement visit for this year 2023, this engagement took place in all 36 states of the country and the FCT, which takes place in secondary schools for now, probably in the future, this will be extended to tertiary institutions, so awareness campaign as this will help encourage more young people to join the military.

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