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Rate Card

Our Rate Card

We plan to control a market share of 40-50% of radio market finance in the plateau. Our competitive pricing strategy offers 20-30% less of her competitors’ average and negotiable discounts. This will enable the station to attract volume, remain competitive, break-even in the first two years, and remain profitable going forward. The pricing of all our products puts into consideration all relevant costs, customer demand, market environment, and competitors’ prices.

Marketing Objectives:

The Jay FM marketing model provides us with an adaptive mechanism to meet various clients’ objectives from small to large promotions and campaigns they need for their brands. Our marketing model allows us to create a multi-facet campaign for events, products, services, and outdoor broadcasts for the target audience.

Social Media Connections

As a 21st-century broadcast (visual-audio) radio station, we are accessible to various listeners and advertisers around the world.

Our technology affords us the opportunity to the opportunity to provide commercials in audio or video formats.

Our connections across broadcast bands give us a direct reach to radio tuner devices while we are also available on major mobile distributions platforms such as Apple or Android Devices (links are clickable for action) as Jay FM App.

Our followership on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (links are clickable for action) is growing with event planners taking the opportunity to meet with the target audiences who are socially active for promotions.