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Re: Senator  Jang Endorses Mutfwang For Governor, Yakubu Jang For Deputy

Written by on May 25, 2022

The attention of Senator (Dr) Jonah David Jang has been drawn to a publication on social media alleging that he has endorsed a candidate and “stated outrightly that they should go and deliver Mutfwang at the polls as that is his choice.”

The said publication veiled in mischief alleges also that “Mutfwang had been made to sign an agreement to pick Yakubu Jang as deputy, with the hope that when the unfortunate happens with Mutfwang , Yakubu will take over government.

While we want to state categorically that Jang has made it clear that he is not endorsing any candidate, rather the people , who are the major stakeholders in any sane democratic set up will choose a candidate among equals. Senator Jang  has watched how the primaries have been going on, in a free and fair mode and that the outcomes reflect the wishes of the people.

He believes that the crop of aspirants seeking to govern the state on the platform of the PDP are eminently qualified and the party should elect its candidate as it has done so far, without fear or let, like was done with the other primaries.

Dragging the Jang family into the contest at this time is the height of mischief and amounts to wicked scheming on the part of politicians who wish to tarnish his hard-earned reputation. We are quick to recall that in 2019 it was alleged that Senator Jang supported the emergence of Senator J.T Useni so as to pave way for Yakubu to be his deputy ( it turned out to be false as it never was) .    For the avoidance of doubt, Yakubu Jang is not seeking to be deputy Governor and even if he were to be given the offer, he will decline it.

It is unfortunate that people will go to the extent of wishing someone s terminally ill just to score cheap political patronage.

Like with the other primaries earlier held, Senator Jang believes that the delegates will elect those who will be in the best interest of the State.

On this wise, we want to call on the people to discard the said publication as it is nothing but the handiwork of mischief makers, bent on tarnishing the image of Senator (Dr) Jonah David Jang and that of his family.

Clinton Garuba

Media consultant to Senator Jonah David Jang

25th May, 2022.

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