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News Commentary: The Role of Security Agents and the Imperative of allowing the will of the People to Prevail During the 2023 General Elections

Written by on February 20, 2023

Written by Joseph Gilbert of our News and Current Affairs Department

As the much anticipated 2023 general elections begin this Saturday, one of the issues that are giving most Nigerians real cause for concern is the perceived complicity on the part of security operatives to achieve pre-conceived results.

Fingers have often been pointed at, and aspersions cast on the security agencies as a result of their alleged willingness to make themselves manipulative tools in the hands of overzealous political actors.

That is to say that some of them are usually ready-made state machinery for perpetuating electoral fraud.

In the immediate past, there are some reported cases of some politicians deploying their personal security attaches to disrupt elections on various fronts.

Some observer groups on such occasions also allege cases of the use of fake soldiers as well as the infiltration of some of the security formations by off-duty security personnel.

This is in spite of assurances by the high command of these agencies pledging unbiased involvement in the exercises

These are some of the allegation security authorities must take seriously, investigate and put measures in place to forestall in order to redeem the image of the agencies and guarantee the integrity of the democratic process.

It should, however, be noted that there was a significant improvement in the conduct of security personnel and a clear departure from the past, especially during the recent Osun governorship election

They are persuaded and urged to keep up the tempo as the 2023 general election approaches.

All parties must embrace the virtues of democracy in elections.

Therefore, Security agents should not allow any person or group of persons to disrupt the election no matter how highly placed.

As Nigerians go into the general election this Saturday, February 2023, those who plan to constitute a clog in the wheel of the electoral progress of our country should be made to face the consequences of their actions.

The will of the people must be allowed to prevail

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