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#YesToCovid19Vaccine: How Vaccines Are Tested For Safety

Written by on March 12, 2021

Vaccines reduce the risk of getting a disease by working with your body’s natural defenses to build protection. Scientists have been developing safe vaccines for decades.

Source: World Health Organization.

  • Laboratory Testing: Expert scientists test the safety of a potential vaccine in a laboratory first.
  • Clinical Trials: Promising vaccines enter clinical trials, where people volunteer to test the vaccines. Clinical trials happen in three phases. By Phase 3, the vaccine’s typically being tested in 1000s of diverse volunteers in multiple countries. Clinical trials rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness. The bar for vaccine safety and effectiveness is extremely high, Scientists are meeting the urgent need for COVID-19 vaccines by running parts of the process at the same time. This does not make the process less safe.
  • Vaccine Approval: Expert doctors and scientists examine clinical trial data to decide whether to approve a vaccine in a country. Multiple vaccines may be approved in a country. Some vaccines may be approved for specific groups of people first. A health care professional can help ensure you get the right vaccine for you. After a vaccine is approved, scientists continue to monitor its safety do hope after reading this, you will like to be vaccinated today? You can visit my blog to know more about #TogetherAgainstCorona Project by Search For Common Ground with the financial support of the European Union

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